invisible teeth retainers

Almost Invisible

ProperSmile™ clear dental-aligners and retainers are barely visible. Wear them any time of the day - No one will even notice!

convenient mail order


No office visit required. Use our easy at-home impression kit in the comfort of your own home, and mail it back to us (Pre-paid free in US / Int'l shipping extra).

inexpensive teeth retainers


No expensive office consultation necessary. No long-term purchase commitment required... Order as you go, at your own pace.

  • at-home retainer impression kit
  • teeth impression tray materials
  • at-home teeth impressions
  • teeth impressions for clear retainers
  • teeth aligners and teeth retainers online

Easy-To-Use Impression Kit
Mailed straight to your door.

Just a few simple steps...

1) First mix the included impression materials. It's just like putty... no sloppy mess!

2) Place the putty in the impression tray, and follow instructions.

3) Place your impressions in the included return-shipping package, and ship it to us.

4) The rest is easy... Once we analyze your impression, our lab team will manufacture your aligner/retainer and ship it straight to your door!

Whether you need to straighten your teeth, or just need a replacement retainer, ProperSmile™ has the solution for you.


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Dr. Neil J. Graham, D.D.S, M.S, J.D., Inc. Orthodontist.
USC Dental 1965, USC Orthodontics 1968,
UCI Law Registered patent attorney, holder of 10 U.S. patents including the Graham Aligner 6,790,036.

The Graham Aligners have been used since 1986. The aligners are made in-house at substantial savings which are passed on to the patient!
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